“I don’t think he survives, and if he does, don’t have so many expectations of what he can do with his life.” Those were the words they said to my mother when I was born… Since my heart stopped beating for about 90 seconds and I spent weeks in an incubator without knowing if I was going to leave and what consequences it could bring to my life.
Today, 35 years later I reflect on that and it moves me. I see where I am, the situations that I had to go through, how fortunate I have been and trusting that for life to be worth it, we must set goals that motivate us and make us happy and that it is the best investment we can make in ourselves.. to have a dream to fullfil.
It’s been almost 10 years that I left my country of origin, my house, my family and friends. The love for whom my wife is now today was the trigger to start a new life and move from Argentina to Italy. Here, I went through moments of extreme happiness, as well as many periods of confusion, mixed emotions and loneliness. And thanks to these experiences, it was that which helped me to have time to think about what I really want in this life and consider it worthwhile. The moments of most vulnerability are those that I learned the most and forge my family and I day by day.
“Every father should remember one day his son will follow his example, not his advice” was the first counseling they gave me and those words put a fire in me and that is why I dare to dream big, beyond the result that I can reach. I will give everything to fulfill my dreams, because I believe that dreams change the course of your entire life. It decides your occupation and your inner desires…that’s why dreams are very important in life. They motivate, inspire, improve, and help us achieve any goal that we set. And that’s how I approached the world of wine. But, why wine?

Maybe because of the stories that my grandmother, a granddaughter of immigrants told me as a child. Stories about her father, the first Argentinian to receive the degree of Winemaker in 1907 and a key person in the development of our viticulture. Or, maybe because I was born in Mendoza, Argentina, the most beautiful province in the world where a great part of its economy is driven by viticulture.
Some of the reasons why I became a winemaker: To study “How?” wine is made and to be able to do it myself. The “Why?” I discovered when I grew up. I realized that personally, as a simple wine consumer, what attracts me the most of a bottle of wine is what it generates when on a table surrounded by family, friends and loved ones. Personally, I think that is what
it’s all about…union, culture and sharing moments.
I have been working and studying the world of wine for 18 years. In the beginning as a winemaker, and later on in the commercial area. It inspires me, moves me and fills me with energy. Especially the simple and strong message of what wine means.

Having reached this moment to present our InterBlend project has meant a lot of sacrifice

…What it has meant to work on a dream with a great friend; him in Argentina and me in Italy. I don’t think anyone has spent so many hours on working through Skype as we did. In more than 62 months of work, personal talks and shared moments … it has been so difficult and so many things have happened. The important thing is that today we are here fulfilling a great dream, the one I want to share with you.
Over the years, I understood that the mere pursuit of perfection in a wine is not interesting, but what it generates is what interests me. Wine opens dialogue and the possibility of understanding.
Help us show others that wine is more than wine; it is a declaration of life that embodies hopes and dreams, that unites people.

Thanks, Guillermo